Clinical Trials Salt Lake CityOur medical history contains a lot of very intimate details, things that many of us would not want to be made public knowledge. Privacy is a natural concern for individuals looking to participate in clinical trials or research studies. On the one hand many are concerned that they may have to share embarrassing facts about their medical history in order to participate. On the other hand, many are worried that information about their participation in the trial may be published and made public knowledge that insurance providers or potential employers may have access to in the future.

All privacy laws currently in place are also in place for clinical trial participants. The research site, pharmaceutical or device Company sponsoring the trial, and all government agencies auditing a research study remain diligent in protecting any participants’ personal and/or personal health information.

Study participants are made aware that they must provide access of their study data to the research staff and all others involved in the study. However, during study conduct, most data identifies the participant by initials and a study number.

When study data is reviewed by the research team, yes, personal and personal health data is reviewed. But all research professionals treat this data consistent with privacy regulations. Ask your study staff about this issue before study participation.


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