Research Study Salt Lake CityAnything can be a little daunting when we don’t know what we’re getting into. Trying a new sport, going someplace you’ve never been before, or starting a new job—whatever it is, it can make us nervous. Participating in clinical research studies or trials is no different. The thought of taking part in a clinical trial sometimes makes people anxious, but it doesn’t have to. If you take the time to ask a few questions, doctors and research assistants are more than willing to give you answers and some peace of mind.

Clinical trials are important for the advancement of medical science and research. Without them, many of the modern drugs and treatments for all kinds of diseases might not exist or still be many years away. In short, it’s important that people participate, but many people don’t participate because they’re not sure what to expect. Here’s a list of questions you can ask your doctor or a research assistant to help you get a better feel for what to expect.

  • Is this an observational or a clinical trial in the traditional sense and what is the purpose of this research study?
  • Would I have any responsibilities while participating the trial? What is expected of me while participating?
  • Are there any possible short-term or long-term benefits?
  • Are there any potential unwanted side effects or risks that I may incur by participating in this trial?
  • Will participating in this trial affect my daily life in any way, positively or negatively?
  • Will there be any costs for participating in the study? If so, what should I expect?
  • Will my insurance cover any of these possible costs? If not, what if I can’t afford the costs?

Remember that participating in a research study is a completely personal choice. You are not obligated to participate in a clinical research study. Even after enrolling in a study, you can leave at any time. If you have any questions during the course of the study or feel uncomfortable with any aspect of the study, speak to the doctors and ask questions. Always seek clarification if you don’t fully understand what is expected or you. Contact us today for more information about clinical trials taking place here near you.