The amount of money given to participants in a clinical trial ranges, from nothing to thousands of dollars. Why is there a difference, and when should a participant expect some compensation?

This is actually the subject of debate in the research world. It is a difficult question to answer, since some argue that compensation induces people to participate, biasing results. A Institutional Review Board always reviews the study compensation amounts and makes determinations to fairness or coerciveness.

paid clinical trials salt lake city utahParticipants must sacrifice time and travel costs, and often take on risks, and this often merits compensation. Participants in clinical trials are a vital part of study, and participants in Utah are no different. For some trials, researchers could potentially never get participants if they didn’t offer some type of compensation. After all, not many people are keen on participating in a trial for multiple days, since it can be so disruptive to life. This is why there are paid clinical trials.

The basics of study compensation are:  time is compensated; travel and travel time is compensated.  Typically most studies include some form of subject Time and Travel compensation.  If a participant has to travel many miles to the site, a Sponsor will usually reimburse the subject for their fuel costs to get to and from the clinic/site.  Occasionally, if a participant has to stay overnight due to travelling long distances, a Sponsor may even reimburse the participant for a modest hotel and meals.  If a participant incurs a “parking fee,” this is also usually reimbursed.

A typical subject visit compensation ranges from $25.00 to $50.00.  Higher amounts are paid depending on the number of and invasive nature of medical procedure performed at the study visit.

Overall, the industry understands that a study participant is due some form of compensation for their participation.  The visit compensation is usually welcomed as are the medical and laboratory procedures provided at no cost that a participant may receive.

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