Zits- they seem to know just how to ruin everything. Whether it be your wedding day, a big job interview, or just everyday life, the big red craters don’t really aid in the self-confidence department.

acne clinical trial salt lake city UTAcne can be a major problem for many people. Although acne is looked at as a adolescent situation, there are also many adults who experience adult acne. Pimples can cause feelings of embarrassment and even depression, so it is important to understand acne, what causes it, and the steps to getting back to your flawless skin.


Acne is caused when oil and dead skin cells clog your pores. However, the tricky part is that there are various factors that can do this. It is important to understand what is causing your acne so that you can better target a practice to help clear it.

Puberty: Acne has a very high rate among teens because their bodies are changing. During puberty, the oil glands are activated. The glands, which are stimulated by hormones, produce oil to lubricate and protect the skin. Nonetheless, buildup of this oil and other bacteria can be the perfect place for acne to arise.

Food: Certain foods including dairy products and high glycemic foods are said to often trigger acne.

Cosmetics: Often skin products and makeup can contain oil in them. Look for cosmetics that are non-comedogenic, meaning water-based or oil-free. These products will help to avoid unwanted breakouts.

Hygiene: Everyone is different, and therefore their skin is different. Some people might just have oilier skin than others. It is important to have good hygiene, shower frequently, and wash your face morning and night to remove dirt and oil buildup.

Stress: Stress can trigger and worsen acne. People who are stressed are more likely to pick at their face and spread more bacteria among the inflamed area.


Talk with a dermatologist about the best way to treat your acne. For mild acne you can use gentle cleansers, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. If acne persists, you may want to get a prescription for a stronger attack. Don’t get frustrated, stay positive that your skin will clear!