Bacterial Vaginosis

Enrolling only in the Lakewood, CO, Red Rocks OB/GYN Clinic:

Women can develop an infection of the vagina called bacterial vaginosis (BV).  BV is a common vaginal infection caused by too much bacteria. Symptoms may include a thin white or gray vaginal discharge, bad-smelling vaginal odor, or itching and burning when urinating.  The study provides for study examinations and laboratory tests to determine if this type of infection is present.

Antibiotics (drugs that kill bacterial infections) are used to treat BV. Metronidazole vaginal gel is an FDA-approved antibiotic that is used for the treatment of BV. The investigational antibiotic (Study medicine) that is being tested in this clinical research trial is a generic form of the FDA approved metronidazole vaginal gel. A generic medicine is a medicine that is identical to the brand medicine in the ingredients, dose, and the way in which it is administered.

The purpose of this clinical research Study is to find out if the generic metronidazole vaginal gel is as safe and works as well as the FDA-approved metronidazole vaginal gel.

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