Are you using Nexplanon for your birth control?

You may be able to join a clinical trial for women who have a Nexplanon™ implant nearing three years of implant and want to continue using it for their birth control for another two years on study.

Call us or fill out the form below to inquire about participating.

Pleasant Grove, UT Office: (801) 763-5703

Lakewood, CO Office: (303) 985-9100


    To qualify, participants must be:

    • Are 18 to 35 years of age
    • Have documentation of your Nexplanon™ insertion date (i.e., Nexplanon™ user card or medical record)
    • Had the Nexplanon™ implant inserted and you are reaching the three (3) year implant time. Must be due for implant removal in two months (no more than 2 years 10 months since implant).

    The study doctor or staff will discuss additional requirements with you.

    Qualified Participants May Receive:

    • Compensation of approximately $1500 for time and travel
    • Study-related care at no cost

    About PRO

    Physicians’ Research Options (PRO) is an experienced Clinical Research Company dedicated to the performance of Phase II, III and IV Pharmaceutical and Pilot/Pivotal Medical Device clinical trials. Our staff experience totals over 60 years in Clinical / Medical Research.

    Our staff recruits for and manages studies in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.