Are you using Nexplanon for your birth control?

You may be able to join a clinical trial for women who have a Nexplanon™ implant nearing three years of implant and want to continue using it for their birth control for another two years on study.


To qualify, participants must be:

  • Are 18 to 35 years of age
  • Have documentation of your Nexplanon™ insertion date (i.e., Nexplanon™ user card or medical record)
  • Had the Nexplanon™ implant inserted and you are reaching the three (3) year implant time. Must be due for implant removal in two months (no more than 2 years 10 months since implant).

The study doctor or staff will discuss additional requirements with you.

Qualified Participants May Receive:

  • Compensation of approximately $1500 for time and travel
  • Study-related care at no cost

About PRO

Physicians’ Research Options (PRO) is an experienced Clinical Research Company dedicated to the performance of Phase II, III and IV Pharmaceutical and Pilot/Pivotal Medical Device clinical trials. Our staff experience totals over 60 years in Clinical / Medical Research.

Our staff recruits for and manages studies in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.

Call us or fill out the form below to inquire about participating.

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