A new clinical research study for those with type 2 diabetes and established cardiovascular disease.

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    See if you Qualify: www.surpasscvotstudy.com


    If you are living with type 2 diabetes, it’s time to talk about your increased risk of cardiovascular events.

    Currently, the SURPASS-CVOT study is underway evaluating an investigational medication and its potential to prevent major adverse cardiovascular events in those with type 2 diabetes.


    To qualify, participants must be:

    • At least 40 years of age

    • Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

    • Have an established cardiovascular disease*

      Coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease or peripheral arterial disease

    Health insurance is not required. All study-related care is provided at no cost.

    Additional study requirements apply; contact one of the clinics for a confidential study screening.

    About PRO

    Physicians’ Research Options (PRO) is an experienced Clinical Research Company dedicated to the performance of Phase II, III and IV Pharmaceutical and Pilot/Pivotal Medical Device clinical trials. Our staff experience totals over 60 years in Clinical / Medical Research.

    Our staff recruits for and manages studies in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.