The Importance of Excellent Clinical Trial Management

Those involved with medical clinical trials may wonder what need they have for a service like Physicians’ Research Options, LLC.

Physicians’ Research Options, LLC, is a Clinical Research Company that provides human research study services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  Staff manages research trial protocols in medical clinics in Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

Why Trials Fall Short

Clinical trials are complicated processes. The study must be designed to meet government requirements, patient recruitment goals must be met, medical procedures must be performed, and extensive data collection/paperwork requirements must occur. These are just some of the hurdles that must be successfully completed. Furthermore, the study data collected must be valid, concise, organized and analyzed correctly so that proper safety and effectiveness decisions can be reached to determine if the drug/device is brought to market.

Lack of structure and lack of organization can mean that the study quality decreases or that the study fails to be carried out in a timely and effective manner. The full potential of a trial might not be reached. Clinical trial management provided by PRO® is meant to ensure that your clinical trial and the resulting data aren’t clouded by disorganization and miscommunication.

Falling Short With Sample Sizes

One of the most valuable services we offer is the turn-key approach to all needed services.  Patient recruitment is foremost so that Sponsors can reach target enrollment for the study. Few factors in clinical trials are more important than having high numbers of participants for the study.

There are many barriers to patient participation, including patient preferences, patient uncertainty and concerns about safety. We make it our job to find the right people for a particular study.

Quality Assurance

Clinical trials can be unforgiving to those who fail to meet the standards set by various governing bodies. Effective management is vital for making sure all the right steps are taken, and so the study is carried out appropriately. Quality data follows subject participants on the ladder of importance.