Paid Medical Trials

A Guide for Potential Participants In Clinical Trials

The current economy shows many US residents without adequate health insurance coverage.  Medical care is expensive. Clinical trials evaluate new medications/devices. Human subject participants are required to evaluate these new medications/new devices. Most research trials offer no-cost medical study related care.

paid medical trial utahMost clinical trials also offer  some kind of compensation for time and travel… Is this something worth looking into for you?


Medical research trials require that participants spend sometimes more time  with researchers during first study appointments than would be spent just “going to the doctor.”  However, study time usually decreases as the study progresses. Potential participants should be well aware of what is expected of them during the study before they agree to take part. Of course, participants can leave the study at any time, but this can be problematic for the study objectives. Typically, study subjects receive “time and travel” compensation for “Completed” study visits.

A study participant should allows take time to adequately review the study information and be well Informed.  Each and every study has a Subject Information and Consent Form.  The Research Staff always spends a good deal of time working with the subject to explain the study, the requirements and to answer any questions that a participant may have.

How Much Will Be Paid?

The intent of a Subject Time and Travel compensation is not to coerce a person into a study, but is intended to offset any time and travel costs they may encounter. Time costs would be:  loss of work wages to attend the study. Travel costs would be those associated with costs to get back and forth from the study clinic. It is a mandate for each study that the subject visit compensation not be coercive; thus, typical compensations may be $25, $50, $100.00 or more for each visit attended; depending on nature/extent of the study visit.

Is Participation Hard?

Study participation does require involvement from the study subject. Study participants have to be honest with the researchers. Participants may have to complete forms, questionnaires, keep daily diaries; they have to report how they feel, if they got sick, if they took new medications or changed dosages of medications. Typically, these requirement are no different than if a person was seeing their doctor for standard care versus being on a study. Some research studies require more involvement from the subject than other studies. In Utah, at any one time, there are multiple clinical trials happening for a variety of things. Some clinical trials must have participants with certain illnesses or health conditions. Other trials need healthy participants.