Buprenorphine Depot Injection

The latest on a potentially safer way to deliver opioids for pain relief As the dangers of opioids become more apparent, medical researchers are finding new ways to deal with chronic pain, and new ways to deliver opioids in a safer way. Buprenorphine is a synthetic opioid that is the subject of much study. How [...]

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Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks

What these blocks can do for low back pain and who is a good candidate. The lumbar part of the spine is located on the lower part of the back and contains five vertebrae. Also in this area are medial branch nerves, which transmit pain signals from the lumbar area to the brain. What can [...]

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Nerve issues along the spine To understand radiculopathy, one needs to understand some basics about the nervous system. Along the length of the spine, nerves exit through “open spaces between the vertebrae” on the left and right sides. The exit points are called the foramen; the nerves are called nerve roots, or radicular nerves. Nerves [...]

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