If hot flashes are a “hot” issue for you, you may qualify to participate in a new clinical trial for an investigational medication for the treatment of “hot flashes.”

Sponsored by TherapeuticsMD, the “Replenish” study is testing a new medication for menopause-related symptoms; specifically, hot flashes and night-sweats.

The trial is meant to help determine the effectiveness, safety and side effects of the investigational drug.

Replenish trial hot flashesThe study center Physicians’ Research Options, LLC with Corner Canyon OB/GYN (Michael Twede, MD/Layne Smith, MD) are recruiting participant women aged 40 to 65 to participate in the study. Along with age and gender requirements, prerequisites to participation are that participants have not had a hysterectomy and that they have daily hot flashes.

Hot flashes are usually associated with menopause – moments of being hot, flushed and sweaty. Some women also get chills and/or their heart beat increases. Sometimes women experience night sweats.

Most menopausal women get hot flashes, making the issue very common.

Because menopause lowers estrogen levels, it can trigger hot flashes. This investigational medication is meant to prevent hot flashes by raising hormone levels (the investigational drug is a bio-identical hormone and is being studied at different dosages).

Participants don’t have to have insurance; they get meds and study-related medical exams at no-cost; and the study provides a Visit Completion time and travel stipend.

Participants will be asked to complete eight visits over the course of about one year.

More study information can be found at www.replenishstudy.com.