And how research studies may be able to help

Those with health conditions often struggle to keep up with the latest treatments, or with any medical self care at all. For example, those with chronic low back pain often resort to over-the-counter painkillers instead of seeking a more long-term solution. Or those with high cholesterol will simply take medication their doctor recommended years ago, without finding out about advancements.

The truth is, thousands of clinical trials are going on in the United States at all times, studying a variety of chronic conditions, procedures, new medications, you name it. Learning about clinical trials that relate to your life and any conditions you have can be greatly beneficial. You can get access to the latest medicine and science, which may make your life better. You can also learn how to improve your own life be becoming more aware of your health.

Even if you don’t have a chronic condition or any health problem, researching clinical trials to join can be beneficial. For example, you may be using a traditional form of birth control. Did you know that clinical research is underway that is studying new forms of birth control that diminish side effects and increase effectiveness? You could be eligible to join any number of studies that have substantial benefits.

Another universal benefit of joining a clinical trial is health screenings.


As part of many clinical trials, physicians will perform a thorough health screening. This can include things like height, weight, glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and other measurements. They may also analyze your health in respect to the specifics of the clinical trial (back pain causes, infertility, etc.)

As many adults don’t get regular medical checkups, this can be just one benefit of joining a clinical trial. You’ll have a better idea of the health of your body moving forward, and be warned of any risk factors.

In conclusion, if helping medical science move forward isn’t a good enough motivation to participate, than maybe improving your personal health can be that motivation.