Acne: What Causes It?

Zits- they seem to know just how to ruin everything. Whether it be your wedding day, a big job interview, or just everyday life, the big red craters don’t really aid in the self-confidence department. Acne can be a major problem for many people. Although acne is looked at as a adolescent situation, there are [...]

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Why Do Back Problems Cause Leg Pain?

Many people experience leg pain associated with a back injury. This leg pain is caused when discs in your spine are compromised and the disc pushes on or impinges a nerve root exiting the vertebrae. Your spine has one intervertebral disc in-between each vertebra. The discs are sponge-like discs that allow the spine to stay flexible, movable, [...]

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Back Pain, Leg Pain Clinical Trial

If you would like to learn more about this study, please contact us, and visit this page about the herniated disc clinical trial, which includes a copy of the consent form. Contacting us does not mean you'll be obliged to participate, or that you will be a suitable participant.

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Find a Clinical Trial

Clinical research trials interest people for a wide variety of reasons. Some have a medical condition that current medication doesn’t help, so they want to try investigational drugs. Others just want to help advance medical science. Some people hope to make money from a paid clinical trial. But the question all of these people have [...]

Benefits of Clinical Trial Participation, Besides Money

Many people struggling for money turn to clinical research trial participation as a way to bring in extra income. And for many people, it works, and that’s great. But there are a host of other good reasons to participate in clinical trials, besides getting paid. First of all, many clinical medical trials, including in Utah, [...]

Clinical Trials for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a sometimes-painful gynecological disorder that affects roughly six to ten percent of women, according to some recent studies. This condition occurs when cells of the endometrium—the tissue that normally lines the uterus—get deposited into the pelvic cavity. These displaced cells attach themselves to other tissues and continue to grow and act like normal [...]

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Dealing With and Understanding Osteoarthritis

Unfortunately, arthritis is often one of the painful conditions that come with age. The older we get, the more wear and tear our bodies carry, especially in our joints. Some severe cases of arthritis are the result of underlying medical conditions while most are simply related to age and the natural deterioration of our bodies’ [...]

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Dealing With Recurrent Gout

If you’ve had gout before, you know that it can be extremely painful. It can wake you up in the middle of the night with the feeling that your big toe is on fire. Gout is a painful form of arthritis that can affect anyone. It is characterized by attacks of acute pain, swelling, redness, [...]

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