Paid Clinical Trials UtahMany people struggling for money turn to clinical research trial participation as a way to bring in extra income. And for many people, it works, and that’s great. But there are a host of other good reasons to participate in clinical trials, besides getting paid.

First of all, many clinical medical trials, including in Utah, are for very specific conditions. For example, current clinical trials in Utah include trials examining new drugs for herniated lumbar (low-back) discs, Postmenopausal Symptoms, overactive bladder, and endometriosis. For people with these conditions, money means little when compared to potential relief from their health conditions from a study treatment. Many people do not obtain symptom relief using current approved medications. It boils down to the question of whether or not anything is worth more than good health.

Other clinical research trials call for healthy participants. So what’s in it for them, if not money? For one, many of these clinical trials offer some type of medical examination and laboratory analyses. It can be a chance to get an idea of where your health stands.

If you widen your gaze a little bit, the list of reasons to participate in a clinical trial goes on for miles. The advancement of medicine, medical practice and treatment doesn’t happen if there’s nobody willing to participate in the research. Human involvement is an essential part of research.

So maybe you won’t directly save a life, but your help could aid you and others in the development of life-saving or alternative treatments with less side-affects, medical treatments and new medications. And as previously mentioned, the health and welfare of you and others could be improved.

All this isn’t to say that money isn’t a fine reason to participate in a clinical trial. Paid clinical trials are an essential part of modernizing medicine. But just remember that there are many other great reasons to get involved.

And of course, remember to educate yourself about any research study that you may participate in. Read and review the study Informed Consent Form, so you know what will be asked of you.