Modern Varieties of Birth Control

When people think of birth control, the typical, traditional methods that come to mind are the “Pill” and “Condoms”. Modern medical research has resulted new methods that are effective and may have less side effects than the “Pill”, and new and ongoing research studies for Contraception look promising. For example, research is underway in Draper [...]

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Statistics About Clinical Trial Involvement Safety

Medical clinical trials are constantly happening, but there are still some common misconceptions about safety in clinical trials. Looking at statistics from The Center for Information and Study On Clinical Trial Research Participation (CISCRP), we see some interesting data. First, the data shows that North Americans are generally more accepting of the benefits of clinical [...]

What Are Investigational Drugs In Clinical Trials?

When we read about researchers working with investigational (or experimental) drugs, what does that mean? Furthermore, is it safe to participate in a clinical trial when the drug is ‘investigational? The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) must approve new medications for use before they are sent to the market and prescribed by doctors. [...]

What Information Will I Be Expected to Share In a Clinical Trial?

Our medical history contains a lot of very intimate details, things that many of us would not want to be made public knowledge. Privacy is a natural concern for individuals looking to participate in clinical trials or research studies. On the one hand many are concerned that they may have to share embarrassing facts about [...]

Paid Trials Vs. Unpaid Trials

There are clinical trials that pay handsomely for participation, but not all research studies are created equal. “WANTED—Healthy man or woman, age 18-30 to participate in a clinical trial. Will compensate $x.” Money in return for a few hours spent filling out questionnaires sounds too good to be true, right? Not necessarily. Most clinical trials [...]

Informed Consent: Understanding Your Rights in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, whether government or industry sponsored, are important for the growth and progress of medical science and health in the United States. Millions of people volunteer their bodies in order to improve our understanding of medical conditions and treatments. Many do so because they simply hope to improve treatment options for others in the [...]

How Participants are Protected in Clinical Trials

Surveys show that people participate in clinical trials for a number of reasons. Some simply want to assist in the advancement of science, while others are looking for some income. Still others are looking for unique treatments to their specific medical treatment. Regardless of the reason for participating, these people deserve, and receive protection during [...]

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