Clinical Trials Salt Lake CityMedical trials are a key component of the medical world, and that has never been truer than in our current day and age.

A quick glance onto, a service of the US National Institutes of Health, shows that there are currently 160,781 studies registered. That is an enormous number! That most likely puts the number of participants well into the millions.

For this reason, participating in medical research trials is becoming a topic of discussion, including in Salt Lake City and all of Utah. At any given time, there are a high number of studies either enrolling or in progress. These studies are either investigating some new medication, or some new procedure, that will hopefully advance medicine, making life better for those suffering from specific conditions.

Medical research trials are an essential part of medicine’s advancements, and participants are crucial. In fact, advancement in the medical world would come to a halt without subjects, and in today’s world, millions of people are participating.

In the United States alone, there are nearly 14,000 studies that are currently recruiting for participants. Sometimes, depending on the study, subjects are hard to find. In some cases, subjects must have a certain condition or certain characteristic to qualify. lists the type of medical research trials that are currently registered. Of those more than 160,000, 80 percent are interventional. That means about 30,000 are simply observational studies.

Of the interventional studies, the large majority deal with a drug or are biologic in nature. More than 85,000 are studies of this kind, to be exact. About 33,000 are studying behavioral intervention, and 14,000 are investigating a surgical procedure. 12,000 studies are investigating a device.

Physicians’ Research Options is dedicated to connecting researchers and participants. Our staff works in ten dedicated medical clinics conducting a large number of different medical research trials in Utah, Colorado and Nevada (soon to be in Idaho). Search through our clinical studies to see if participation might be something for you.