How Much Should You Be Paid For Participation In a Utah Clinical Trial?

The amount of money given to participants in a clinical trial ranges, from nothing to thousands of dollars. Why is there a difference, and when should a participant expect some compensation? This is actually the subject of debate in the research world. It is a difficult question to answer, since some argue that compensation induces [...]

Good Questions For Consideration When Considering Clinical Trial Participation

Anything can be a little daunting when we don’t know what we’re getting into. Trying a new sport, going someplace you’ve never been before, or starting a new job—whatever it is, it can make us nervous. Participating in clinical research studies or trials is no different. The thought of taking part in a clinical trial [...]

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What Information Will I Be Expected to Share In a Clinical Trial?

Our medical history contains a lot of very intimate details, things that many of us would not want to be made public knowledge. Privacy is a natural concern for individuals looking to participate in clinical trials or research studies. On the one hand many are concerned that they may have to share embarrassing facts about [...]

Benefits of Clinical Trial Participation, Besides Money

Many people struggling for money turn to clinical research trial participation as a way to bring in extra income. And for many people, it works, and that’s great. But there are a host of other good reasons to participate in clinical trials, besides getting paid. First of all, many clinical medical trials, including in Utah, [...]

Understanding Common Terms In Clinical Trials

Clinical trials and research studies can be intimidating—even more so when medical jargon and clinical language can make you feel like you need a dictionary on hand just to understand what the doctors are talking about. It’s easy to feel like you might not belong or that participating in a study might be over your [...]

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Paid Trials Vs. Unpaid Trials

There are clinical trials that pay handsomely for participation, but not all research studies are created equal. “WANTED—Healthy man or woman, age 18-30 to participate in a clinical trial. Will compensate $x.” Money in return for a few hours spent filling out questionnaires sounds too good to be true, right? Not necessarily. Most clinical trials [...]

Informed Consent: Understanding Your Rights in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, whether government or industry sponsored, are important for the growth and progress of medical science and health in the United States. Millions of people volunteer their bodies in order to improve our understanding of medical conditions and treatments. Many do so because they simply hope to improve treatment options for others in the [...]

Dealing With Recurrent Gout

If you’ve had gout before, you know that it can be extremely painful. It can wake you up in the middle of the night with the feeling that your big toe is on fire. Gout is a painful form of arthritis that can affect anyone. It is characterized by attacks of acute pain, swelling, redness, [...]

How Participants are Protected in Clinical Trials

Surveys show that people participate in clinical trials for a number of reasons. Some simply want to assist in the advancement of science, while others are looking for some income. Still others are looking for unique treatments to their specific medical treatment. Regardless of the reason for participating, these people deserve, and receive protection during [...]

Why People Participate in Clinical Trials

Surveys show that about 15 percent of people have participated in some kind of clinical research trial. But why do they do it? A news release from revealed that most people believe it is important that the general population participate in medical studies to improve the health of others. Clinical research is an important part of [...]

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